Novotel Hotel Zhengzhou (2010)
Novotel Hotel is located in the prosperous CBD of Zhengzhou, adjacent to Zhengzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center. With 223 luxurious guestrooms, 8 multifunctional conference rooms, banquet hall, gym, heated swimming pool and other facilities, it was a rare international brand star hotel in Zhengzhou at that time!
At the beginning of 2010, C.D.G accepted the invitation from the hotel investor -Zhengzhou Mehao Hotel Investment Co., Ltd. and undertook the interior design work of the hotel. Through in-depth communication with the design team of the hotel brand management company ACCOR HOSPITALITY, C.D.G team eventually finalized the design in accordance with Novotel's brand guidelines. In order to fully implement the design effect and quality, C.D.G dispatched three resident site designers for project coordination. Through the efforts of all parties, the hotel opened in December 2011, and became the flagship hotel of this brand in the Greater China region! C.D.G was awarded the title of "Best Hotel Design Team in Greater China" for this design work in the following year.