Wharf Chengdu IFS Niccolo Hotel (2013/Cooperate with PRS in America)
Niccolo, as a new noble and luxury brand launched by Hong Kong Wharf Holdings, is a brand of fashionable and chic hotels, and will be stationed in various selected prime location in China.
Niccolo Hotel Chengdu is the brand’s first flagship hotel and opens in the first quarter of 2015. It is located in the city’s prime lot Chunxi Road shopping district, and also in one of the city’s most popular landmark of high-end retail—Chengdu International Finance Square (IFS). Referring to magnificent art gallery, the hotel is elaborately designed. Being fashionable and distinct, it emphasizes harmonious combination of style and bold statement. It offers 230 guestrooms and suites, and the room design blends contemporary essence with traditional style to create an environment full of spirituality, so that guests can enjoy in it. Showing the brand-new experience of “Perfect Encounter, Magnificence and Eternity”, it will become a new realm of creative fashion!
The interior design of the hotel is conducted by Peter Redmedios Studio. C.D.G is commissioned by the investor to cooperate with PRS on the design development and the production of construction drawings (except for All Day Dining and Chinese Restaurant). During the construction period, at the request of the investor, we also dispatched a resident site designer to coordinate with the design department to directly make some adjustments on the design according to the site conditions, and assisted the construction contractor to complete the project throughout the construction. Meanwhile, our team are also take charge of the design of hotel BOH area.   
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