Wharf Changsha IFS Niccolo Hotel (2016/Cooperate with Wilson & Associates in Dallas, America )
Changsha IFS Niccolo Hotel is another modern luxury brand hotel of this series after Chengdu Niccolo Hotel by Hong Kong Wharf Holdings. Located in Tower 1 of Wharf Changsha IFS, the landmark building of Changsha, the hotel provides 243 guestrooms (including suites), various multifunctional banquet halls, conference rooms, multiple specialty restaurants, heated swimming pool, SPA, private rooms and other facilities. It is also equipped with super-large high-end shopping mall, and quickly becomes a popular gathering place in Central China when it opens in mid-2018! C.D.G is commissioned by the investor to cooperate with Wilson & Associates in Dallas, America on the design development and the production of construction drawings. 
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